Good Practice

The object of this project is to create good practices for cross-curricular education that all participating schools will implement in their curriculum.
We will create two good practices that can be implemented at the institutional level and can also be expanded to the regional or international level.

These two Good Practices are entitled Good Practice: Culture and Good Practice: Science. Both are based on using Inquiry Based Learning and Project Based Learning to achieve the goal of creating the above mentioned cross-curricular learning materials.

An international element can be implemented as well. One in which partners can compare their results in the Culture and Science blocks using E-Twinning or other means. Further objectives of implying these Good Practices on an international level is for the students to have a better understanding of European values and culture, resulting in them becoming more tolerant and well-rounded European citizens, better problem solving skills.  Carrying out project tasks they will become interested in what the partners schools have done, resulting in communication.

Teachers will be motivated to use inquiry-based and project-based methodologies and also to use more ICT tools in the classroom. They will learn methods to ensure this. E-Twinning and web- conference will be tools teachers learn to use. This will improve quality of teaching standards at partner schools. Teacher cooperation will improve ensuring the transfer of European values.