Throughout the course of this three year project participants will create several products. The main focus being two Good Practices, however, there will be Other products as well. These products  be suitable for cross-curricular education that all participating schools can implement in their curriculum. These can be implemented at the institutional level and can also be expanded to the regional or international level.

Good Practices are more than mere learning materials. They are systems that encourage student-teacher contact. Ones in which peer cooperation and collaboration are emphasized and utilized where active learning and prompt feedback are provided as is time on tasks. Furthermore, high expectations are communicated to the students yet diverse ways of learning are respected.

There are two parts to our Good Practices: 1. a description of the Good Practices, and eventually 2. the results of our Good Practices, ie. what each one contains, the steps carried out, tasks, etc and the outcome thereof, respectively.

Teachers will be motivated and required to use inquiry-based and project-based methodologies and also to use more ICT tools in the classroom. They will learn methods to ensure this. e-Twinning and web- conference will be tools teachers learn to use. This will improve quality of teaching standards at partner schools. Teacher cooperation will improve ensuring the transfer of European values.



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