Pozzuoli the Way it Was, by team Hungary

Saturday, Sunday (23-24th of May)

It was a sunny Saturday morning in Budapest, when we were about to begin this trip. The flight was fine, we all were so excited, most of us have never been to Naples, or not even to Italy. The hosts gave us a warm welcome, we haven’t even realized, that we have arrived to Pozzuoli, they were already hugging us. We had a late lunch with the host families, and later some of us went to the city, to Naples. It was beautiful, we ate ice cream, „gelato” as they say. Later when it started getting dark, we traveled back to Pozzuoli, and spent the evening there, in the city centre, walking around, hanging around.

Sunday wasn’t that sunny, as Saturday was, so we spent our befor-noon at home, all of us had a big lunch, they served huge amounts of food for all the dishes. After the siesta, we met with the others and after a half hour, we decided, that we are going to go bowling. We had so much fun there too, all of us played well. After the bowling our ways diverged, some of us went to have a dinner, others stayed together, we visited some friends of my hosts, the rest went home. This was a great day, so the others were, we went to bad late, and tired.

Iványi Tamás, Joker



On Monday morning after  we had met each other  at our teacher’s hotel at 9:00 o’clock, we went to a dead city. It wasn’t Pompei . It was Herculaneum.  But it wasn’t easy,because the traffic is really complicated in Italy . The  trains and the subway were late in Naples. We arrived Herculaneum and we had a guided tour. The guided tour was cool and interesting. The guider told the story  of Herculaneum and the lifestyle of  inhabitants of Herculaneum and she told to us the end of Herculaneum and the aftermaths for example the excavation of the city. The end of Herculaneum is very similar than the end of Pompei was. The Vesuvius destroyed the two cities and killed the inhabitants.  Herculaneum was nice and big. The city had lot of building. But now the buildings are just ruins.We saw the female bath. It was very decorative. The design of the floor are symbols a lot in the female bath. After the female bath ,we saw in ancient „street food „ too. Besides  we saw a badframe,a wooden window  and a wooden balcony from  79 AD. End of the guided tour the woman told the story of Hercules too.  We saw the skeletons of the inhabitants yet,then we were hungry so we want to eat something. But It started to rain. So we had found the Pizzeria and we ordered some  pizzas and drinks. The italian pizzas were delicious.  And they were different than the hungarian pizzas. The pizzeria wasn’t very huge. It was very small,but it was cosey place. We went to back Pozzuoli by trains and subway. We joined our hosts in front of the teacher’s hotel after we had said goodbye for our teachers. At night we went to meet the other members from different countries of Erasmus.

Lizicska Bence



Tuesday was the first day of the official program. Most of us arrived to the school at 9:00, even though the day started at 11:30. The principal of the school and the mayor of Pozzuoli welcomed the international students afternoon, because they were late, until then we visited the school and the garden inside, later we painted the columns of the hall. Even Anna had a little speech and after we presented the videos and we played a quiz. We had lunch in the school, made by the parents. Later we continued painting and we leaved the school at 17:00, but we came back because they organised a party for us in the school, with music. The whole day was fun as the italian students made sure that we are not bored.

Kratochwill Áron Vajk


On wednesday morning we were in Solfatara a beautiful active volcanic crater. It was tiring but that was really interesting and beautiful. After that we walked 30 minute to our next station the middle square in Pouzzuli where we had a lunch together. There was a really delicious pizzas and also sandwiches there. After lunch some of the Erasmus team went to the Pouzzoli Beach wich was really nice and beautiful. In the afternoon we went back to the school because we had a creative workshop wich means we had to paint can’s and irrigation systems from recycled materials. It was really cool and the team and of course the other country students painted nice cans. These cans now see on exhibiton inside the school. At the evening we was in the Deja Vu wich was a restaurant with some musics. It wasn’t so good because it was expensive and a boring place. Somebody enjoyed but we mostly not. That’s happened in Wednesday

Sunyovszky Márk Sándor


Thursday was the most exhausting but the most exciting day for me. We were like mad tired because of the day before it. But Naples is extremely beautiful. First, we visited a museum called Certosa di San Martino which was quite interesting. My favourite part in it was a very wonderful garden with full of skulls. It was a little bit creepy, but they told us that they belive touching skulls has a meaning. It keeps away the demons and things like this.
By the time we finished in the museum we were already walking to our second place to visit called Castel Sant’Elmo. The castle was really breathtaking. You are able to go to the top of it and walk around. But the thing was that I didn’t really realized that we were that high above in the city. And that was when I realized how big is Naples. Saw every little part of it, every little detail, it was absolutly amazing. I was staring at the mountains far away in the distance and it was barely noticable but there were still houses. I couldn’t belive my eyes that those little thingies are still part of the city I was standing in…
After theese buildings we had a little freetime. We had so much fun during this time. everything there. We travelled by metro which was interesting because they are doing We went to a Disney store which was incredibly awesome, I felt in love with metro art. Each station is different but they are magnificent. We visited a place called Piazza del Plebisito. It has a legend or something that you can’t just go through between the two statue standing there. Either you go next to them but not between them, or you have to across the whole place with your eyes closed, earn the statues and then you can go through. (It is very scary we tried.) They said even if there is an accident no one walks between them.
In the afternoon we had an excited guided tour in the town and we went to a lot of beautiful churches.




It was the last day in the beautiful Pozzuoli. In the morning, we went to the school, where we showed our presentation about the man of the street questions. It was really interesting, and i think that every country liked it. Our quiz game was great, but it was a bit hard to explain them, how did it work. In the afernoon, we had a creative workshop, so we painted the pillars. I represented the hungarian team, and with the help of the german teacher, we painted flowers and peppers, while the others were making some einteresting creative things in groups.

It was hard, but interesting because we learnt new technics of painting, but it was hard to use them. (i also painted my shoes)

After the school time, everybody went home with the hosts. We went to a supermarket, and bought some gift for our families. After we did it, we went home, and we had a lot of free time. I was talking a lot with my host, i went to run, and prepared my baggage for the trip back to home, just like everyone did.

The dinner was fantastic. My host’s team made me some seefood, because i told them that this is kind of special food in Hungary. After the dinner, we went to the beach, and there was a campfire, and a loud stereo, and of course everybody from the erasmus. It was a long, funny, and really emotional night, because we said goodbye to each others. We danced a lot, and i can say that we had a really amazing night in a really amazing village. After the party, we cleaned the beach, and went home to sleep a few hours.

Rákár Áron

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