Ahaus, it Rocked

April in Ahaus, well, the 15th to the 19th of the month, was amazing.

The cornerstone of a solid project was set in Budapest and the German team, run by Patrick and Uta, continued with a lasting foundation. The five day meeting was full of DSC_4347.JPGwonderful workshops and sensational sight seeing opportunities.DSC_4249.JPG

Everybody was there and ready to work. We ran 5 great workshops over all. Three were run by the Hungarian team. These focused on more group work using Spencer Kagan’s cooperative teaching technique. These groups carried out discussions and debates on the Culture aspect and on the Science aspect of this project; namely, who to interview and what measurements to be carried out respectively.

In addition to these things part of one workshop was dedicated to getting the kids used to some of the seminal  ITC tools we will be using. They were registered to eTwinning and given a fun task pertaining to gardening and their host families. These questions and tasks were created in Google Drive and posted on the project TwinSpace. Fun, fast, and useful! Now, we have 40 odd kids using eTw and Google Drive.

Of course there were some fun and games. For example, two creativity workshops on making art based on or using culture plants. Students had the opportunity to learn the basics of linoleum engraving by etching out various culture plants in the medDSC_4470 másolata.JPGium and running through a hand press! Cool use of old school, low-tech gear in the 21st century. They even used some of the plants as printing medium, for example cabbage leafs and leeks were flattened, covered with paint and run through the press. Other students used the actually plants to create kinds of collages while yet others practiced their sewing skills by making so DSC_4484.JPGcalled 3D posters of the culture plants. Each team then took home all their art work and will put it on exhibition in their schools – photos to follow soon!


Can’t have an Erasmus meeting without culture events. This trip we were in Cologne with her Dom and museums, walks along the Rhine etc. There was also a trip to nearby Munster, cycling capital of Germany, with a great Dom, old town hall, Picasso museum, etc. Of course, a nice tour of Ahaus was not to be missed either, with a photo exhibition of WWII bombing strikes and the following reconstruction; gave us a great glimpse into what was and is Ahaus!

The mayor of Ahaus invited us into the council hall for a brief film and presentation on just how cool the town is. And the school principal also gave his opening remarks at the school.

All in all we would like to thank the German team for putting on such a great meeting. Next station on this high speed train will be Cracow come November!

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