Ahaus as the Hungarian Students Saw it



The internation Erasmus+’s second meeting was in Ahaus. It is a small city west from Münster next to Next to the border of Holland.( It has about 20000 inhabitants.) Our trip was five days long. We left from Hungary early on 15 of April and came home on 19. of April in the evening.

The hosts of the meeting were the Germans and the guest were the delegations of the other six participating countries.(the Netherlands, France, Italy, Turkey, Poland and Hungary) In the Hungarian team there were three student coordinators, two twelfth graders a ninth grader and two teacher coordinators. Hanna Phillipp, Niki Szász, Erik Mohácsi, Niki Ábel, Bence Balázs, Flóra Horváth, Anna Geiszler, Rob Dawson

Like on the Hungarian meeting we also had five workshops where we usually worked in groups. The other nations presented the status of their gardens. We discussed people with what profession shall we make an interview with, We also had a discussion about the measurements when we should make in the gardens. We also had creative workshops where we could paint, sew, print and draw ect. So we worked a lot but it was definitely worth it because it was very useful.

Of course we were not just working there we had so many other programs to do. During the programs we traveled two times once to Münster and once to Cologne. On the last day before the departure we had a sightseeing in Dusseldorf. The various evening programs helped us to get know each other better, to make new friendships and to have lasting international relations.

Our group was always there everywhere. We really loved to be with our group but we also got on well with the others too. The Hungarian group was there on every evening even we have made the mood sometimes. Two German girls and a French teacher said that we were the happiest group because we were always smiling and laughing at something.

If anybody is thinking about joining a group like this I only can recommend it. So at the end of all we all gained many great experiences.

Balázs Bence


First day in Ahaus (Wednesday)

The long-awaited day.
We met at the airport at 4.50. Our plane landed at Dortmund, and then we went by rented bus. When we arrived at Ahaus, in front of the school, no one was there, except, one of the German project coordinators. So we took down our packages in the school and until the meeting we had one and half hour free time. Anna and Rob went to the hotel and we tried to visit Ahaus. Then we sat down in a small but cute bakery, and it was the best time to get to know each other. From that point, it was a really good team. (In my opinion the Hungarian team was the best!)
We went back to the school, and we met with our host students, and with the other people. Then we had lunch in the school, and a few minutes later, we visited the Town Hall, where the major welcomed us, and showed a short movie about Ahaus. He was funny, and cool, not like a typical major. Then we walked back, and started the opening of the second meeting, and the first workshop. In this workshop we had to find our teammates without speaking. Every group had an animal sound, and we had to imitate it.
We collected some professions where we can make interviews about the plants. Than we voted and selected the “best or most popular ones”, with whom we have to do it. It was surprising for us, that the students had a lot of better and better ideas, everybody spoke in english and worked hard.
In the evening, we went in a cinema’s bar and had fun, but we were tired because of the journey and the early getting up , we weren’t there ”too much”, just a few hours.

Szász Niki


Second day in Ahaus (Thursday)

In the second day in Germany we went to Münster which is a quite big city next to Ahaus. We traveled with bus like one and a half hour. After this we visited together one of the oldest cathedral which is St. Paul’s Cathedral. After this we went to the city hall. And of course we had a little free time to discover the city. Around two we went back to the bus for going back to Ahaus. Until late afternoon we had our workshop where we discussed in groups what kind of thing we find really important that we should measured or what kind of problems can with the plants. It was a really useful thing, because we could talk a lot in English and everyone could say their opportunities. At night the Hungarian group was together with our hosts one of the host girl’s house. Where we actually found a bag of chips which said that is has Hungarian flavor. But actually it did not have this kind of flavor….
We played some games, listened to the music, sang, talked, and we showed, what is the Hungarian rollicking music. And they liked some of these…

Ábel Niki


Third day in Ahaus (Friday)

On Friday we met in the local school than went to Cologne by a rented bus. The journey was a bit long, but we were speaking with others so it was fun.
In Cologne the whole group separated into three smaller sections. Each minor group got a tour guide who exhibited the city.
After that we had about four free hours to spend. The Hungarian team sticked together, found a nice place to eat, walked around, so did typical tourist things. Unfortunately we only could see the dome from outside because Angela Merkel was visiting it (she had a memorial service for the victims of the Germanwings plane crash) and everything was shut down.
In the way back to Ahaus many of us fall asleep in the bus. Being a tourist is kind of tiring.
In the evening some Polish, French, German and of course Hungarian people went to play game of bowls. We talked a lot, got to know each other better and we (Hungarians) even had a game with a Polish girl against the German delegation and a few French guys. It was quite tight but finally we won.
As I take it, it was a cheerful and active day!

Philipp Hanna


Fourth day in Ahaus (Saturday)

Finally, this day we had some time to sleep and we were only ordered to the school at 10 o’clock. We had a double workshop which was organized by the German school and it was the creative workshop part of the meeting. We were offered many possibilities for example we could make a print, a painting or make an interview with other students. After we finished our productive work we had lunch in the school. It was only soup, tomato soup for or “Hungarian Gulyas Soup” but as a Hungarian, I can surely tell, it barely had anything to do with our real Gulyás. After the workshops and lunch we had a short walk in the town center then we had free time till the evening.

Personally, I had a BBQ with the family in their garden then I had a small rest in my room. Later on we cycled to the house of another Hungarian host where we gathered with all the Hungarians and spent some nice time with the German hosts. After a couple of hours we moved back to the school where we had the farewell party organized for us.

Mohácsi Erik


Fifth day in Ahaus (Sunday)

We woke up early about quarter to seven. We packed our stuff and we met in front of the school at eight o’clock. We traveled about two hours with the Turkish team by bus to the airport of Düsseldorf. We said goodbye for them because they airplane is took off about eleven o’clock. After the farewell we put in our luggage to the left luggage office and we went to the city center by train. The sightseeing was very interesting. We were in a church. That church was very unique because it was a modern church in an old building and they only used the half building the other half was a café. Then we were in a park and we walked around the park and the city center. We went to eat in a restaurant and finally we went back to the airport. In the airport at the check in we met a Hungarian employer which was very funny. We got on the airplane where everybody was very exhausted therefore we slept on the plane. Our plane landed about eight o’clock. It was the worst moment in the whole journey because we had to say goodbye to our team.

Horváth Flóra

at the cologne dom


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