Budapest a Smashing Success

The Eramsus+ meeting held in Budapest at Poli was, in the words of one participant, a “smashing success.”

A grand total of 36 foreign students from our 6 partners and 40 students from Poli participated in the meeting.

There were numerous presentations, for example each team presented their culture plant using Prezi or Power Point and the Hungarian team did so by creating a board game explaining the seminal elements of growing peppers.

10993093_337579546431595_8737030583547397092_n.jpgIn addition to these there were some spectacular culture events. One of the Hungarian student coordinators, namely Szász Niki, came up with the brilliant idea of taking those interested ice-skating. Nearly every single student took part, many on ice for the very first time in their life. A great introduction to Hungarian ideas of fun and games. There were concerts and tea houses visited as well during the duration of the meeting.

How do you get nearly 80 students sight seeing at the same time? Why, you create a treasure hunt of course. One where you split the kids into 6, mixed nation groups. Then, send them all of a hunting on their various routes. Each small group saw a particular part fo the city, many spoke to their compatriots about what they had seen, explaining some cool and alternative parts of the city. All the kids were very interested in going to see what their classmates had seen in their free time.

There currently is a “feedback” session in the works. An eTwinning project where the kids will have to create a Prezi showing their tour of Budapest. At each partner school there will be 6 short Prezis that will be presented to all members of the local Erasmus+ team/club, thus everybody who was here will have the chance to talk about what they saw and get their school mates interested in what we did here.

10991404_337577826431767_8193920281133530982_n.jpgThe culture aspect of this meeting also included a cooking competition where everybody was split into international teams and given identical bags of ingredients. They had to cook two iconic Hungarian dishes, paprikás krumpli and stuffed peppers. The cooking was done at the homes 10 hosts (many thanks to the parents who allowed a pack of international students into their kitchens!!!), and the chefs had to 10995478_337577823098434_5201414003265008278_n.jpgdeliver their final products to the school where our illustrious panel of judges, consisting of our principal and vice-principals, to determine which group had done the best. Once the winners were announced the rest of us sat down to dine on these fine specimens of Hungarian cuisine.

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