February 4 – 8, 2015 First Meeting

The first meeting of our three year Erasmus+ project will be held here in Budapest.

Participants from all six of our international partners are coming to work on the first stages of the project. Each team will have 2 teachers and 6 students ranging from 15 to 18 years of age.

During this 5 day event we will share garden designs and plans. Each school will provide presentations on their culture plant. This can be a traditional PPT or Prezi, or a creative film or board game. The sky is the limit; it is up to each team to present their plant in a creative, yet extremely informative manner (keep your eyes and ears pealed. We will post results after the meeting.)

Of course, each team will also hold a presentation on their school. After all, we are going to be working together for three years and visiting each other. Therefore, it is pertinent that we have a clear understanding of what each school is like.

“All work and no play make Jack a dull boy” as the old expression goes. In other words, we will also have several tasks outside of the school. These run the gauntlet from a treasure hunt in the city to cooking competitions, from ice-skating in the city park to visiting the Tropicarium and Palace of Wonders.  The treasure hunt will have students in small, mixed groups (have to speak English if that is the only lingua franca) where the groups have to find their way around the city. Each group is following a different route. The feedback at the end is where everything falls together and they get an great overview of the city. The cooking competition is top secret. All I can tell you now is students will be split into mixed teams again (lingua franca!), given a sack of ingredients and told what two dishes must be made. These will be typical Hungarian dishes and the foreign students should do the cooking. Yes, of course their Hungarian hosts will be present to provide information and tips. Also, each group will have the same exact ingredients and have to make the same exact dishes. A distinguished panel will determine the winner and all program participants will dine on the dishes that evening.

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